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Strong Power

The Hobbywing Xrotor 1408 Race Pro motor has been
designed for the 130mm FPV racing drones. It inherits
the swift acceleration, rapid response, high efficiency of
the XRotor Race Pro series motors; the ultra-thin
(0.15mm) silicon steel laminations combined with the
NbFeB magnets and the innovative magnetic circuit
design guarantee the strong power of the small motor.

Strong Power

Ultra Lightweight Design

The new 1408 motor has been developed to push
the limits of durability while remaining extremely
lightweight, it weighs only 15.5g (w/o wires).

Ultra Lightweight Design

Motor Weight: 15.8g
(w/o wires)





Top Quality Components

High quality 6061 aluminum and high-precision CNC Machining technology produce an improved strength and axial concentricity.
The NSK bearings are high-quality Japanese bearings are the best available, providing longer life, lower noise, and improved overall tolerances.
Ultra-thin (0.15mm) silicon steel laminations are used to manufacture the stators. This high-quality material improves overall efficiency.
Using the strongest, and most heat resistant NbFeB magnets ensure maximum torque under load, and excellent consistency across the motors operating ranges.

Top Quality

NSK Bearing
(imported from Japan)

Super Heat-resistant
N54 NeFeB Maget

Ultra-thin (0.15mm)
Silicon Steel Sheet

NSK Bearing
(imported from Japan)

Smoother operation, longer life
Lower noise, smaller clearance

Super heat-resistant
N54 NdFeB magnet

Ultra-thin (0.15mm) silicon steel sheet

Less iron loss & heat generation, higher efficiency

High Quality 6061 Aluminum
High-precision CNC
Machining Technology