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Hobbywing’s AXE Brushless Power System (for Rock Crawlers) ----the Focus of Attention at the Closing Ceremony of the 19th Hobby Expo China

The 19th Hobby Expo China was held in Beijing from April 20 to 22, 2018. It has become the biggest and most influential hobby expo in the Asia-Pacific region since it’s first held in 1999. As one of the main exhibitors, Hobbywing exhibited a range of new


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Two More Talents sign with Hobbywing

Chen Guanxian (Taiwan wonder boy), who has been actively involved in various competitions in Asia and is well known in the RC world, officially joins Hobbywing racing team. Chen has always been a big winner in the off-road class of various races held in A


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Freddy Südhoff Joins Hobbywing R/C Car Racing Team

HOBBYWING is happy to announce the signing of Freddy Südhoff to their HOBBYWING RACING TEAM.


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Daniel Kobbevik Joins Hobbywing R/C Car Racing Team

HOBBYWING is happy to announce that Daniel Kobbevik, IFMAR Junior World champion, joins HOBBYWING RACING TEAM. The Norwegian talented young driver showed his huge potential in the 1/10 off road Worlds in Xiamen with a 15th overall ranking in 4WD and 16th 


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Alexander Hagberg Joins Hobbywing R/C Car Racing Team

HOBBYWING is pleased to announce that Alexander Hagberg, IFMAR World champion and European champion, joins HOBBYWING RACING TEAM to race the 1/10 touring and 1/12 onroad class. The Swedish driver is considered to be one of the most experienced onroad e


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Off-road Driver Ty Tessmann signs with HOBBYWING

HOBBYWING is proud to announce that Ty Tessmann, IFMAR World champion and multiple ROAR Nationals champion, joins HOBBYWING RACING TEAM to race all his electric cars.


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Hobbywing at the 2017 IFMAR 1/10th Electric Off-road World Championship

The nine-day IFMAR 1/10th Electric Off-road World Championship ended on Nov. 19th at Xiamen ARC International Raceway. The championship has always been regarded as the Olympic Games of the RC model world, it’s been the highest-level event so far and attra


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Wang Haifeng Won the 2017 Hobbywing Cup in the Modified Class

After the cancellations in 2015 & 2016, this time the Hobbywing Cup has been held at SYE arena in Shanghai from 19 to 20 August 2017. The return of the race absolutely has started a fierce "battle".


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HOBBYWING Attended the 18th Hobby Expo China as one of the Major Exhibitors

The Hobby Expo China has been successively held for 18 times in Beijing, China since its establishment in 2001. As one of the biggest and most influential events in Asia-pacific, it pools together the latest design ideas, brand culture and market trends o


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HOBBYWING at 2017 AOC Rd1 in Shanghai

HOBBYWING products once again helped racers make the podium at the 2017 AOC round 1 in Shanghai, which is just finished last weekend. The race consisted of 1/10th Modified, Super Stock, Stock Blinky, F1, and VTA, 1/12th Modified, and Stock classes and ove