Here Come the XeRun AXE 550 Motor & AXE V1.1 ESC
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2019-06-01  

After a period of research and development, the XeRun AXE series of brushless power systems have been further upgraded and enriched; both AXE ESC and motor have been expanded by new products.

In regard to motors, previously only the AXE 540 motor was available (in1200/1800/2300KV), now the AXE 550 motor is also available (in 2700/3300KV).

XeRun AXE550-2700KV/3300KV FOC

With the same voltage input, a higher KV allows the motor to have a higher RPM & bigger power when compared to other AXE 540 motors. And the AXE 550 motor, which owns a longer length, guarantees a low-torque output to make the motor (when pairing it with an AXE ESC) more applicable to RC vehicles & car races which requre high speeds in the FOC (Field Oriented Control) driving mode.

Specifications (as shown below)

Model: XeRun AXE550-2700/3300KV FOC

PN Code: 30401351/30401350
KV Rating: 2700/3300KV (w/o Load)
Internal Resistance: 0.016Ω/0.012Ω
Weight: 289g/284g
LiPo Cells: 2~3S
No-load Current: 2.7A/3.8A
Pole Count: 4
Motor Diameter/Length: 36.0/66.2mm
Shaft Diameter/Length: 5/16.0mm

Meanwhile, in order to give users a better experience (that’s to have the install-and-play fun), a D5-12T-32P pinion gear is included in the product box of AXE 550 motor.

In regard to AXE ESCs, the AXE V1.1 has been released. When comparing to the previous version, four mounting holes on the heatsink of the new version allows users to install a cooling fan direclty onto the heatsink. The cooling fan and screws included in the product box save the trouble of purchaing from other manufacturers for the users.besides,BEC has been upgraded from 3A to 4A, which can drive more load devices like voice assembly, lamp assembly etc..

More choices mean more experiences, the XeRun AXE brushless power systems definitely will bring you a very different control feel.