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Excellent Product Design

● Rotor with the special strengthened beam guarantees super impact resistance.
● Neat windings with low internal resistance guarantee the balanced current of the motor.
● Six-bladed centrifugal fan greatly reduces the operating temperature of the motor.

Excellent Product

Six-bladed Centrifugal Fan

Special Bearings
Imported from Japan

Greatly reduces the operating
temperature of the motor

Great Bearing Capacity &
Impact Resistance

Top Quality Components

● Special 240℃ heat-resistant windings(after vacuum dip coating treatment)
can stand high, surge current.
● N54 super magnets guarantee high torque output.
● Super thin (0.2mm) silicon sheets imported from Japan guarantee low
power loss, less heat generation but high magnetic permeability.
● Quality bearings imported from Japan guarantee smoother high-speed
rotation and longer service life.

Top Quality

Special Bearings
Imported from Japan

Great Bearing Capacity &
Impact Resistance

Precise & Neat Windings

Precise & Neat
Low Resistance & High Efficiency
Great Electrical Characteristic

Hollow & High-strength
Alloy Steel Shaft going
through the entire motor

It can stand the impact of 200KG

Super Thin Silicon Sheets
imported from Japan

Less Heat Generation &
High Magnetic Permeability

N54 Super Magnets

High Torque Output

Special 4mm Bearings
Imported from Japan

Low Vibration & Noise

The precisely balanced rotor guarantees low vibration
and noise during the motor’s high-speed rotation.

Low Vibration &
Precise Control

Super Thrust

With the maximum thrust of up to 432g (when pairing XRotor
M1306 4000KV with 3530 three-blade propeller) or 461g (when
pairing XRotor M1306 4500KV with 3530 three-blade propeller),
the motor can provide sufficient power for FPV drones.

Super Thrust

XRotor 1306 4000 / 4500KV