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Excellent Product Design

● Super thin disc-type structure with a low center of gravity guarantees better control feel.
● Concave anti-skid teeth together with the lock-up screw at the bottom effectively prevent rotor
from moving or loosing and strengthens reliability of the motor.
● One-piece eight-bladed centrifugal fan greatly reduces the operating temperature of the motor.
● Super light weight, only 33.4g.

Excellent Product

X-Rotor 2405 2250kv

X-Rotor 2405 2850kv

Eight-bladed Centrifugal Fan

Concave Anti-skid Teeth

Strong wind-cooling feature guarantees
the consistent output of high power.

Solid installation stands sudden acceleration,
deceleration and shock.

X-Rotor 2405 1800kv

Low Vibration & Precise Control

The precisely balanced rotor guarantees low vibration & noise during
high-speed rotation and more precise and reliable motor control.

Low Vibration &
Precise Control

Super Impact Resistance

High-strength CNC-machined aluminum alloy frame
which features the strengthened cross beam structure
combined with the high-precision hollow alloy steel
shaft going through the entire motor guarantee the
super impact resistance of the motor.

Super Impact

Aluminum Alloy

Hollow Alloy
Steel Shaft

CNC-machined Frame

Strengthened Cross
Beam Structure

Super Impact

Top Quality Components

● Special 240℃ heat-resistant windings (after vacuum dip coating treatment) can stand high, surge current.
● N54 super magnets guarantee high torque output.
● Super thin (0.2mm) silicon sheets imported from Japan guarantee low
(power) loss, less heat generation but high magnetic permeability.
● Dedicated 4mm bearings (the thickness is enlarged by 33% comparing to
the regular 3mm bearings on the market) imported from Japan guarantee
great load-bearing capacity and impact-resistance.

Top Quality

Special Bearings
Imported from Japan

Great Bearing Capacity &
Impact Resistance

Precise & Neat Windings

Precise & Neat
Low Resistance & High Efficiency
Great Electrical Characteristic

Hollow & High-strength
Alloy Steel Shaft going
through the entire motor

It can stand the impact of 200KG

Super Thin Silicon Sheets
imported from Japan

Less Heat Generation &
High Magnetic Permeability

N54 Super Magnets

High Torque Output

Thickened Output Wires

More Reliable Soldered Dots
Lower Resistance

Special 4mm Bearings
Imported from Japan

Super Thrust

The maximum thrust of 1.58KG (*XRotor 2405 2850KV motors+5040
three-bladed propellers, 3S LiPo) combined with the thrust -to- weight
ratio of up to 47.3:1 provide aggressive power for FAV drone(s).

Super Thrust

Test Conditions: XRotor 2405 2850KV motor(s) , 5040
three-bladed propeller(s), and the input voltage of 12V.