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Crawler Pro Race Brushless Combo

 This crawler combo belongs to JUSTOCK Brushless Combos. It has the best control feeling and extremely suitable for rock crawler.

1  The combo includes:

1.1  JUSTOCK brushless ESC: 1pcs
1.2  XERUN-21.5T-SD (1600KV) sensored brushless motor: 1pcs
1.3  LED Progrma Box
: 1pcs
1.4  5V cooling fan: 1pcs
1.5  Sensor cable: 1pcs

2  Features

2.1 Low cost, high performance.
2.2 Small and light weight.
2.3 Sensored system, precise control for crawler running.
2.4 Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection.
2.5 Plenty of programmable items. 
2.6 Easily programmed with the LED Program BoxMultifunction LCD Program Box and USB Link Software.
2.7 ESC firmware can be updated through the USB adapter in the LCD Program Box.

3  Combos and Main Applications

Combo PN ESC
Main Application 
Combo-JS6 81060060

(Sensored, 1600KV)

LED Progrma Box
ROAR SPEC race in US
Rock crawler pro race

Black color combo has black color ESC and gun color motor
Blue color combo has blue color ESC and blue color motor

To get more information about JUSTOCK Brushless System Combo, please click here:

4  Color Option

Besides the "Blue Edition" JUSTOCK ESC, we also have "Black Edition" as an option.