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LED Program Box_2C

 This program box is used to program the brushless ESC, it has friendly user interface and easy to use. 

Suitable for:
1. XERUN series of brushless car ESCs (some XeRun ESCs, please take the instructions of relevant user manuals as standard.).
2.  EZRUN series of brushless car ESCs (Version 2.0 or later).
1. Size: 88mm*58mm*14mm 
2. Weight: 40g. 
3. Input Voltage: 4.8-6V 
    (If the ESC has no built-in BEC, then you need an additional battery to power the program box.).
Hobbywing has the following 3 program boxes, their hardware and software are  identical, but they have different labels. User can print the suitable label to make the program box to be suitable for more products. 
PN: 86020010 (LED Program Box_2C)
PN: 86020030 (LED Program Box_2B)
PN: 86020020 (LED Program Box_2A)