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Lee Junjie Won the 2016 JR PROPO Heli Stunt/3D Invitational

Hobbywing pilot Lee Junjie beat other competitors and won the 2016 JR PROPO Heli Stunt/3D Invitational in the F3C class, held from June 4 to June 5 at West Coast's City Terrace in Qingdao. Lee Junjie won the competition with HOBBYWING's Platinum HV 160A V


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HOBBYWING Signed Another World-class Pilot ----Dunkan Bossion of France

Despite he is only 19 years old, Dunkan Bossion has already won several world championships. Bossion has started to participate in various competitions since 2000, he finished in first place at 2014 Heli Master world championship and became a world-class


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2016 Pilot Cup Winner----HOBBYWING Pilot Lee Kunhuang

With his excellent flying skills, HOBBYWING pilot Lee Kunhuang won one gold and one silver at 2016 Pilot Cup, held on May 1 in Shanghai.


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Bruno Coelho---2016 EOS Champion

A few days ago, HOBBYWING driver Bruno Coelho won 2016 EOS (European Off-road Series) championship in the 4WD after he claimed the TQ at the season finale, held at the Nurburgring in Germany. HOBBYWING products amazed all the drivers from around the globe


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Another HOBBYWING Pilot: Antonio Gomez of Italy

Antonio Gomez, HOBBYWING newly signed pilot, is talented, passionate and persistent. Although he is a young student, Antonio has already participated in multiple world-class RC helicopter competitions as a professional pilot. Antonio finished in 4th place


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HOBBYWING Pilot & European New Star: Valerio Bottero 

Valerio Bottero, as a native-born Italian, also has the passion and enthusiasm for all kinds of sports like any other men from Apennine Peninsula. Although he is still very young, Valerio has participated in many international RC aircraft events held in F


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HOBBYWING Pilot Kan Poonnoi: Future Superstar

Kan Poonnoi, a 15-year-old pilot from Thailand, has been flying RC aircraft for over 10 years. He participated in various RC aircraft competitions (held in different nations and regions) and took many podiums. He was even invited to introduce RC aircraft


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HOBBYWING Young & Talented Pilot: MinChan Kim

The 11-year-old boy, MinChan Kim of Korea, beat most competitors and finished in third place at the 2015 3DXAP invitational tournament held in Zhuhai. All his predecessors including some well-renowned pilots like “Lord of Nitro-heli” were greatly impresse


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Well-known Pilot Derek Teo signs with HOBBYWING

The Malaysian famous pilot Derek Teo with the flying experience of over 6 years officially joins HOBBYWING team. He will not only be a HOBBYWING pilot, but also the captain of HOBBYWING flight team. Before this, he was a SAB pilot and the captain of XNOVA


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HOBBYWING Pilots at 2016 THB

The 2016 THB (short for Thailand Heli Blowout) officially started on March 19 in Bangkok Thailand, more than 2,000 spectators watched this year’s THB as per live report. The competition consisted of international class (10 pilots), expert class (30 pilots