Hobbywing at the 2018 Guankou Sunpadow International RC Car (On-road) Grand Prix
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2018-11-13  

The 2018 Guankou Sanpadow International RC Car (On-road) Grand Prix has been held, as scheduled, at ARC International Raceway in Xiamen on November 8th. Hobbywing drivers and many competitors who adopt Hobbywing power systems have participated in the event.

As a sponsor, Hobbywing has sent a tech team to provide the immediate, reliable technical support at the site as usual.

In the aspect of electronic RC vehicles, there are four classes: 1/8th on-road, 1/10th touring car, 1/5th & 1/8th motorcycles. The 1/8th on-road, 1/5th & 1/8th motorcycles have adopted the following route:

And the 1/10th touring car has adopted the following route:

Hobbywing drivers Nicholas Lee, Andy Moore, and Dominic Quek have shown remarkable competitiveness yesterday at the preliminaries.

Wang Haifeng (Motor King) has competed in the 1/8th on-road class this time, he has also had a great performance yesterday.

Other Hobbywing drivers and the participants who uses Hobbywing power system have done a great job as well.

Hobbywing wish all the participants good luck at the finals.