Bruno Secures the Overall Championship of the Season at ETS Netherlands
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2018-06-27  

As we know, that the annual ETS (Euro Touring Series) race consists of six rounds and the time & place of each round (or when & where will every round be held) is different. The 5th round of the 2017/18 ETS is held from June 22 to June 24 at the Apeldoorn track in the Netherlands; the Hobbywing driver Bruno Coelho secures the overall championship of the modified class as per the ETS race’s “four wins (or wins four of six rounds)” rule.

Bruno wins 1st place three times, 2nd & 3rd places once each during the past five rounds, he is ranked first with 1209pts (the most points) and secures the overall championship of the 2017/18 ETS in the modified class. The power system he uses is the Hobbywing XR10 PRO 160A ESC + V10 G3 4.5T motor combo.

Congratulations to Bruno who secure the mod win and all the other
players who have good results at ETS Netherlands.