How to Connect an iOS Phone (w/ connecting to a WiFi Express) to the Internet
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2017-03-08  

For iOS phones, which cannot connect to the Internet after connecting to HOBBYWING WiFi modules, users can solve the issue by taking the following steps.

Find the "Settings" icon on your iOS phone, and then click it to enter the following page.

Click the “WLAN” icon to enter the following page.

Find the WiFi Express (it's HW-WIFILINK by default, as shown above) which has already connected to your phone, and click the icon on the right side to enter the following page.

Click "Static" to switch to the "Static" page, key the same values shown in the "IP address & Subnet Mask" lines on the "DHCP page in the same lines on the "Static" page.

Click the back button (in the upper left corner) to return to the previous page. Your phone will try to connect to the WiFi module again, and the following info will show up. That will not affect the connection between the phone and the WiFi module at this moment, and the phone can also connect to the Internet normally.

1)The "IP Address" on the Static page must be the same as the "IP Address" on the DHCP page. Otherwise, the WiFi Link App cannot connect to your ESC.
If you ignore this WiFi (HW-WIFILINK) after setting it successfully on your phone, then you will need to reset it next time when you connect your phone to the WiFi module. If you don't "ignore" the WiFi, then you needn’t reset it next time when you disconnect and reconnect the phone to the WiFi module.