Hobbywing Put a Perfect End to 2016
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2017-01-16  

 We’ve left behind the old year 2016 and welcomed the new year 2017. During the transition, Hobbywing held its annual meeting or party on Jan. 4th.

The theme of the annual meeting is “Craftsman’s Spirit & Quality First”. In the past 11 years. Hobbywing has persisted in developing and manufacturing high quality and performance products with innovative design, exquisite manufacture and excellent craftsmanship. Hobbywing always take market as the orientation, quality as the core; a company not only needs to know the market but also guarantee the quality of its products if it wants to survive and develop in the changing industry environment.

Before the meeting/party, Mr. Zhang, Mr. Pan (from Hobbywing) & Mr. Tang (from SmarTech) delivered speeches and greetings successively. We knew that Hobbywing still had an 11% annual sales increase in 2016 comparing with the number of 2015 even though the overall industry environment was not good. That result was achieved due to all Hobbywing people’s hard work and dedication.

When other companies are downsizing or even closing, Hobbywing keeps developing and having a number of excellent employees.

Here are two of the best employees, one is from the RD department (second from the left side) and the other one is from the sales department (the second from the right side). Mr. Zhang & Mr. Liu present them with the certificates & bonuses.

Afterwards, Hobbywing’s main supervisors made the toast to start the party.

During the following art performances, which includes dance, short sketch, catwalk, solo and chorus, all the performers showed their special and excellent talents. The prizes in the lucky draw were also very attractive.

Some pictures about the performances, as shown below.

Some pictures about the lucky draw, as shown below.


Mr. Pan surprised us every year, and there was no exception for this year. After all the prizes were presented, he added 25 more “memorial prizes”.


Some pictures about us were having the dinner, as shown below.

 The short sketch “Qi Yu Ji” performed by two gentlemen from the test department won the third prize. Two performers didn’t say anything not even a word during the performance, but they impressed all the audience with their facial expressions and actions.

The song “Zhi Jing Dian” performed by a gentleman and a lady from the sales department won the second place.

The catwalk exhibiting all our products performed by twenty-eight colleagues from the sales department and the FAE department won the first place.

The year of 2016 has gone and become history. Let’s look forward the more splendid future of Hobbywing in 2017.