Hobbywing Officially Release New Firmware with Softening Function for XR10 Pro ESC(s)
Source: HOBBYWING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.   Date: 2016-09-20  

Brushless power systems have shown some absolute advantages (i.e. high output, free of maintenance, high efficiency) over brushed power systems since they began to be applied in RC racing 11 years ago. Brushless power systems rapidly replaced brushed power systems in the realm of RC racing. Hobbywing is one of the manufacturers who first released brushless power systems for RC cars.

RC car racing always has the harshest requirements against the performance and stability of power systems. "Be faster,lighter, smaller and more stable" is the eternal quest. Running more laps in 5 minutes has become the only standard to measure victory at professional tracks.

For power systems, powerful acceleration and faster speed on straightaway are important, but the apt power each driver demands during competition is critical. Hence, drivers can get the comfortable driving feel in corners, protect tires effectively and reach the optimal result. We know this very well after over 10 years of engagement in developing and manufacturing power systems for RC cars, boats and aircraft.

By close cooperation between engineers and factory drivers, improvement and innovation, now Hobbywing officially release the XR-4.2.01 firmware which features the "Softening" function for 1/10thvehicle.

The softening function which is specially designed for the Modify racing allows drivers to have great control feel in corners, powerful acceleration when coming out of corners and fast top end on straightaway, give good protection to tires, and shorten the time spent on a single lap (esp. during the late part of the 5-minute competition).

The firmware has been under test for quite a while and its performance has been proved in some events. It helped Bruno Coelho win the title of 2015/2016 ETS grand champion and seven Hobbywing drivers get into the top seven in the A mains of 1/10th electric touring car class at 2016 3-Circle National RC Car competition.

Hobbywing drivers also impressed other drivers, referrers and audience at the most recent IFMAR on-road World Championship in the touring car class with this new firmware. It helped Bruno Coelho TQ and finish in 2nd place, Nicolas Lee get in the A mains and finished in 9th place.

The softening function provides users with two programmable parameter items: Softening Value & Softening Range.

Softening Value allows users to fine-tune the bottom end, change the driving feel, and maximum the driving efficiency at different track conditions. The higher the "Softening Value", the milder the bottom end.

Softening Range is the range to which "Softening Value" starts and ends. For example, 0% to 30% will be generated when the user pre-programs the "Softening Range" at a value of 30%.

"XR-4.2.01", the new version of firmware, is compatible with the XeRun XR10 Pro 160A and the upcoming XeRun XR10 Pro 1S ESCs.

Note: different from the previous version of firmware, now we recommend increasing the motor timing by about 5 degrees when using this new firmware.

Hobbywing, as a company never stops innovating, will continue to provide users with more convenient and excellent experience in future.

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