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  • XRotor Micro 30A / 40A BLHeli_32 DShot1200

    Product Number: 30901015,30901077
    Current: 40A / 60A
    Input Voltage : 3-6S LiPo / 2-5S LiPo

    Applications:130-300mm FPVs

  • XRotor Video Transmitter

    Product Number: 30505000

  • XRotor 2205 G2

    Sensorless Brushless Motor

    Product Number:30405114/30405115
    Max Continuous Current: 25A
    Input Voltage: 4S LiPo
    Recommended ESC: 30A/3-4S
    Recommended Prop (inch): 5045 Three-bladed Propeller | 5152 Three-bladed Propeller | 6040 Two-bladed Propeller

  • XRotor Flight Controller F4

    Flight Controller for Drones/UAVs

    Product Number: 31001000
    Applications:130mm & above FPVs

  • Platinum 25A V4 & Platinum 40A V4

    Product Number:30204200,30215001
    Current: 25A
    Input Voltage: 3-6S LiPo

  • X8 Power System for Agricultural Drones

    Recommended Applications: Agricultural Drones w/ the Takeoff Weight(/axis) ranges from 5KG to 7KG

  • XRotor Micro 40A 4in1 BLHeli-S DShot600

    Product Number: 30901076
    Current: 40A
    Input Voltage : 2-5S LiPo

    Applications:180-280mm FPVs

  • XRotor 2405

    Sensorless Brushless Motor

    Product Number: 30405406,30405407,30405405
    Current: 25A/15s
    Input Voltage: 4S LiPo 
    Recommended ESC: Xrotor Micro 30A BLHeli-S Dshot600 or above
    Recommended Prop (inch): 5045 Three-bladed Propeller | 6040 Two-bladed Propeller

  • FlyFun V5 Series

    Brushless ESC