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  • XeRun XR8 SCT

    Sensored Brushless ESC

    Product Number: 30113301
    Current: 140A
    Input: 2-4S Lipo/6-12 Cell NiMH

    Best Combination:
    XeRun 4268

    1/10th SCT/Truck/Monster Truck & 1/8th Buggy/On-road Racing

  • Seaking Pro 120A

    Sensorless Brushless ESC

    Product Number:30302361
    Input:2-6S Lipo/6-18 Cell NiMH

    Boat Length≤100cm

  • EZRUN 3652/3660 G2

    Sensorless Brushless Motor

    Product Number: 30402650,30402651,30402652...
    KV: 3300/4000/5400/3200/4000/4600
    Best Combination: EzRun MAX10 SCT
    EzRun MAX10

    Applications: 1/10thShort-course Truck/truck/Touring/Buggy/monster truck(4WD)/1/10thlight-duty 2WD Short-course Truck

  • EzRun MAX10

    Sensorless Brushless ESC

    Product Number: 30102602
    Current: 60A
    2-3S LiPo/6-9 Cell NiMH

    Best Combination:
    EzRun 3652

    1/10th Buggy, On-road, and Light-weight 2WD SCT, Truck and Monster Truck

  • XeRun XR10 PRO 1S

    Sensored Brushless ESC

    Product Number: 30112603
    Current: 120A
    Input Voltage: 1S Lipo/3-4 Cell NiMH

    Best Combination:
    XeRun V10 G2 / XeRun BANDIT G2

    1/12th Touring Car

  • XeRun JUSTOCK 3650SD G2

    Sensored Brushless Motor

    Product Number: 30408004,30408005,30408006...
    KV Rating: 3600KV/2800KV/2200KV/1800KV/1550KV

    Best Combination:
    XeRun XR10 Justock

    STOCK/SPORT class (choose the motor as per competition rules) of 1/10th , 1/12th On-road (i.e. competition touring car or drift, F1, Mini car, and etc.) and Off-road (i.e. buggy, 2WD SCT & truck) racing, Normal Training, and Rock Crawlers (21.5T & 25.5T only).

  • XRotor Micro BLHeli-S 30A

    Product Number: 30901074
    Current: 30A
    Input Voltage : 2-4S LiPo

    Applications:150-280mm FPVs

  • Xrotor 20A 4IN1 Micro

    Brushless ESC

    Product Number: 30901065
    Current: 20A
    Input Voltage : 3-4S LiPo

    Applications:130-280mm FPVs

  • XRotor 2205

    Sensorless Brushless Motor

    Product Number:30405110/30405111
    Max Continuous Current: 25A/15s
    Input Voltage: 6S LiPo 
    Recommended ESC: X-Rotor Micro BLHeli/35A 3-6S
    Recommended Prop (inch): 5040 Three-bladed Propeller(s)